Health & Safety

CropCheck Ltd has partnered with Matrix Business Consulting to offer a health and safety system for orchard growers so that they can be compliant with the current legislation.

CropCheck has been able to secure a special discount for our growers.

At Matrix we believe that whatever you do with Health and Safety make sure you are able to manage what you set into place. You are better to have a smaller system in place and have it well managed, than to have a huge system and not implement it properly.The best Health and Safety system is the one that is looked at regularly and that grows organically.

Can You Answer These Questions And Do You Have The System To Manage Them?

I know how to document an incident and if required investigate it on my orchard?Y / N
I understand how to engage contractors and ensure that they have good H&S practices?Y / N
I have identified hazards on my orchard and how to control them?Y / N
I know what Safe Operating Procedures are and have them in place?Y / N
I have a system for staff training?Y / N
I know how to induct staff, contractors and visitors to my orchard?Y / N

If you have said NO to any of the above then you need to contact us.

Your Obligation Under the Act

Under HSWA, Person Conducting a Business or Undertakings (PCBU) are required so far as is reasonably practicable, to co-operate, co-ordinate and consult with other PCBUs about the duties they share in relation to the same matter. These are known as overlapping duties.

A PCBU isn’t only responsible to the workers they employ or contract. They are also responsible to workers they influence and direct, and for other people at the workplace. PCBUs must co-operate with each other to fulfil these duties.

This relates to orchard growers and all contractors that they contract to complete work on your orchard. Therefore having a system that manages this process is important.

I Thought GAP Was A Health and Safety System?

GAP is not a health and safety system. What gives people this impression is that there is a couple of components in it that relates to health and safety in regard to contractors.

The main area of compliance that GAP deals with is hygiene and the environment in regard to supplying food for distribution to the market. When it comes to the questions above GAP does not cover all of this. Last year WorkSafe visited a number of orchards and handed out 21 infringements and you can be certain that they where operating under GAP.

If you need a health and safety system for your orchard, call David Jepsen at 027-374-8166 or visit their website at for more information.