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Our Services

Avocado Monitoring

Avocado monitoring is a compliance requirement for export under the AvoGreen system, which is run by New Zealand Avocado with oversight from Ministry of Primary Industries.

Blueberry Monitoring

CropCheck have worked with other experts in the Horticulture industry to look at other ways of controlling pests for blueberries, therefore reducing dependency on sprays as the sole source of control.

    Citrus Monitoring

    Citrus monitoring is good when done regularly, to avoid pest and disease damage to the fruit and trees.

      Other Services

      • Strawberry Monitoring
      • Flower Monitoring
      • Soil and Leaf Testing
      • Laboratory Testing
      • Crop Monitor Training

      Why our clients choose us

      AvoGreen Certified

      CropCheck is certified by AvoGreen and meets the avocado monitoring standards.

      Farmlands Card

      CropCheck accepts Farmlands card. Get exclusive shareholder discounts and rebates by using your Farmlands card.

      We are trusted by industry leaders

      At CropCheck, we care about your orchard’s health and safety.

      CropCheck Limited has partnered with Matrix Business Consulting to offer a health and safety system for orchard growers so that they can be compliant with the current legislation. A special discount is given to our clients.

      Healthy Orchards = More Harvest

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