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Soil and Leaf testing

Soil and Leaf testing

It is time again to consider soil and leaf samples; CropCheck staff are able to take soil and leaf samples whilst visiting your orchard for a monitoring. Our staff are able to collect the samples on their monitoring round and will send the samples by courier to the laboratory. We recommend R.J Hills Laboratory or Ravensdown, whom we believe deliver the best quality service.

Cost to collect and send:

  • Leaf OR Soil sample taken during a pest monitor by CropCheck Ltd = $25+GST added to the cost of monitoring
  • Leaf OR Soil sample only = $47+GST
  • Combined sampling of Leaf AND Soil would incur an extra $10+GST
  • An added mileage fee may be charged to growers in distant areas (outside Katikati to Welcome Bay)


Details we require:

  • When you would like your sample/s taken (April, May, June)
  • which Packhouse you pack with - (some Packhouses have a discounted rate.)
  • How many areas you would like sampled
  • Names of sample areas for identification
  • Where and to whom you would like results sent (email, fax, or mail)
  • Where and to whom you would like the R.J. Hill test account sent (your name, address, post code, email, phone, and fax)
  • Name and email address or postal address for CropCheck Ltd sampling invoice
  • Which tests you would like done i.e. Basic Soil, Basic Soil plus Mehlich 3 (recommended), Basic Leaf, Basic Leaf plus Choride (recommended), any extra tests
Click here to fill out our online form. Click here to fill out our online form.


This can be left for our staff at the orchard or emailed to us Here (If you are already a client of ours, we will have a map)

We will require the orchard map to show:

  • plantings
  • tree ages
  • land area
  • access
  • buildings 
  • division of blocks requiring separate samplings


  • Jojette Drost, mobile 027 246 6303 day or early evening
  • David Harris at the CropCheck Ltd office on 07 544-2201 between 11am and 6pm Monday to Friday
  • Or email your details Here

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