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CropCheck Ltd monitor the following crops for insects and diseases:

  • Avocado
  • Citrus
  • Export Flowers
  • Other Crops including Tamarillo, Persimmon, Olive, Feijoa, Blueberry 

Monitoring is a requirement under the NZ Avocado AvoGreen©  programme. If you are going to export, you must register with an AvoGreen© operator before the 1st November each year to be allowed to export your crop the following year. Note: There are some qualifying requirements set out by NZ Avocado Ltd: visit for details.

An IPM (Integrated Pest Management) programme is also being designed for the New Zealand Citrus and Persimmon industries, to be implemented in the near future. If you are concerned about managing your pest problems and reducing sprays, please talk to us.

CropCheck Ltd offers a personal monitoring service with full same day reporting. Our independent monitoring service enables you to make an informed decision on whether or not to spray.  We won’t recommend or sell you sprays, just tell you which pests you may need to spray for.

We have a philosophy that the more informed you are, the better choices you can make. Therefore, we report, not only the major pests required under the IPM programmes, but all beneficial’s and others pests we see.

Reporting options:

  • Immediate report by text if  over threshold
  • Monitoring report sheet left at orchard if required
  • Full report via the CropCheck Cloud, email, or post to grower, packhouse, sprayer and advisor (optional)
  • One-off monitor for Owner-Operators or casual local market orchards
Details subject to change without notice. Please note: an additional travel fee may apply.