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Citrus Alerts

7th November 2017

This has so far, been an interesting season. Insects that Cathy has not seen for a long time, have been making a reappearance. Namely, the Californian Red Scale and Citrus Red mite. 

Now is the time to start monitoring for Kelly's citrus thrip and Flower Moth. Citrus White fly is around in higher numbers now and leaving a lot of Sooty mould on the trees.


20th September 2016

Citrus white fly are about, laying eggs in many blocks. It is nice seeing the Serangium maculigerum ladybird that feed on the White fly.

Kelly's citrus thrip will be making an appearance over the next 6 weeks. Time to monitor for them as flowers start setting young fruitlets.


19th January 2016

Citrus white fly are currently the biggest problem in some blocks with the egg stage being found at the moment. Also present are Passionvine hopper and borer signs are showing up.



Numbers have increased over the last month to higher numbers than have been seen for a while.

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