Avocado Monitoring - Citrus Monitoring - Flower Monitoring - Monitor Training

"Working for the Grower"

What do we have to offer

  • Experience in monitoring from the inception of AvoGreen®
  • Experience in monitoring from the inception of AvoGreen as a voluntary system in 2000-2001
  • Extensive experience in monitoring Avocados, Citrus and Flowers
  • Experience in training and auditing crop monitors in Avocados, Citrus and Flowers
  • Knowledge of the systems required by AIC, Growers, Advisors, Packhouses, and Exporters
  • Liaison with AIC AvoGreen® developers
  • A core group of growers, from our years in monitoring, who are confident in our ability to identify, quantify and communicate         pest and beneficial levels
  • Independence from spray sales or advice
  • Dedicated business providing a premium service to growers.
  • Comprehensive systems to capture all monitoring information and produce the reports you need
  • The ability and time to grow our team to meet industry demands

CropCheck offer growers the following options:

1.    Monitoring by CropCheck staff with full reporting and personal service.

2.    Training as an Owner-Operator with good information and support.

For Further Information, please contact us by email at Sales

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