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Example 1: 

This is a 50 fruit and 50 shoot sample over 10 trees.

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Example 2: 

This is a 25 fruit and 25 shoot ½ block sample taken over 5 trees. All totals are doubled to give percentage.

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Example 3: 

This block has only 27 fruit sites, therefore 100 shoots should be monitored on a 10 tree block. To calculate percentages for Leafroller on fruit, use the same calculation as for GHT. If you find insufficient fruit sites, (e.g. 10 fruit sites) then use the LR found on shoot sites for your threshold percentage.

To calculate Leafroller, Thrip and Scale found on fruit: divide 100 by number of fruit sites found for LR and GHT or individual fruit found for Scale and multiply by number of insect sites found. E.g. 100/27x7=26% for LR and GHT or 100/54x1=1.8% for Scale on fruit.

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Example 4: 

This is a 100 shoot sample on a 10 tree block. All Leafroller, Six Spotted mite and Scale are added only.

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Example 5: 

This is a 5 tree block where only 13 fruit sites were monitored. Use the same calculation found in Example 3, plus double all calculations found on shoots or leaves.

For blocks over 10 trees, total your findings and divide by the multiples of 10 you have done to get 100%. E.g. a 20 tree block that has 12 Leafroller will be divided by 2 to give you 6%. A 30 tree block will have your 12 Leafroller divided by 3 to give you 4%.

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