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Too busy?

Don’t want to monitor your own orchard?

CropCheck Ltd offers a personal monitoring service with full same day reporting. Our independent monitoring service enables you to make an informed decision on whether or not to spray.  We won’t recommend or sell you sprays, just tell you which pests you may need to spray for.


Reporting options:

  • Immediate report by text if  over threshold
  • Monitoring report sheet left at orchard
  • Full report via email, fax, or post to grower, adviser, or sprayer
  • One-off monitor for Owner-Operators


Fees for Monitoring

Avocados $60.00 per block with a discount for multiple blocks at the same address.
Citrus: $55.00 per block with a discount for multiple blocks at the same address.
Flowers: $45.00 per hour plus mileage.


 All prices quoted are GST exclusive.
Details subject to change without notice.
Please note: an additional travel fee may apply.

Monitoring FAQ’s

Q:  Why are the thresholds so low and what do they mean?

A:  Pest Threshold Levels are set low to avoid as much fruit damage as possible and to take into account the number of fruit out of reach of the monitor.

A pest monitoring showing pest levels AT OR ABOVE threshold gives the grower reason to spray.

If you are having trouble persuading your spray contractor to visit when pest levels are just ON threshold, please realise levels of Green House Thrip, particularly, can climb very rapidly. Lower night temperatures will slow their rate of reproduction a little, but, at present, the mild temperatures are still creating pest outbreak risks.


Q:  How often should we monitor for Green House Thrip?

A:  Greenhouse Thrip can create large areas of blemish in a very short time. Where Greenhouse Thrip thresholds have been exceeded and no spray has been applied, AvoGreen best practice requires us to monitor again only 1 week later. Growers may apply 2 sprays for greenhouse Thrip within 3 weeks of each other, without a monitoring in between, to deal to newly-hatched Thrip eggs. Thrip can be a recurring problem until the end of April and often into May.


Q:  How frequently should we monitor for Leafroller?

A:  Even where fruit are not touching, small caterpillars can be found under webbing on the stem end of fruit. A great deal of damage can occur between one monitoring round and the next a fortnight apart. We strongly urge growers to maintain a fortnightly monitoring routine, even when a spray has been applied, as the pests multiply rapidly in warm conditions.

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